Thoughts on Jesus and the good news.

It’s easy for people to stand up on a stage, write books, and sing a song about the phrase “Jesus died for your sins.”

I’ve heard that for 11 years, people would ask me, “do you believe in Jesus?” I would say, “Yeah, Jesus died for my sins.”

I want you to understand something; Jesus didn’t invite you to believe he exist he invited you to follow him! On judgement day he’s not going to judge you based on whether you believed he existed, he’s going to judge you based on whether or not you believe enough to do something about it!

It’s easy to go to church, raise my arms, clap my hands and feel like I did my Christian Duty. Gods going to be cool with me, I’m going to get to heaven and we’re going to be all buddy-buddy because “I’m a pretty good person.”

The truth is there is going to be a lot of pretty good people in hell one day!

The reality is that you cannot be good enough to deserve Gods love!

There is going to be people who live 40 years as a crack-head rapist that say,” God! you can take the rest of my life!!”

And they are going to be accepted not because they lived a good enough life, it’s because they were willing to follow Jesus where ever he lead!

Understand that being a good person, being better then the people around you is not good enough!

The problem in the world we live in is everyone is competing with each other! “At lease I’m not as bad as that guy!”

If you were to see Jesus! In His perfection and in his majesty and in his beauty! I wouldn’t have to convince you that you are a wretched sinned! You would see how perfect, beautiful and glorious He is and you would fall on your face and say “have mercy on me Son of David! I could never look like you do! I could never love like you do! I could never be as wise as you are!”

The good news is The blood he spilled on the cross was enough for your mercy!!!!! The death he suffered was enough for your forgiveness and you don’t have to spend another second separated from Him by your sin and your own imperfection!!


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  1. Right on Matt!

    April 30, 2013 at 12:06 pm

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