1st Thought;
Sometimes I think it is better for me to write my journals in a blog because people will be able to read them after I’m gone. My handwriting isn’t very readable. At least some of it.

2nd Thought;
I’m kind of tired of making videos for the body of Christ right now, I think that’s why my last few projects have come out like crap. It’s become an obligation for the maybe the past few months, or few years. I know that the edification of the body is important. I guess I’m complaining…I am where got has me now. His ways are not mine.

3rd Thought;
The church is full of people that desire to be in so called ‘ministry.’ I WAS one of them.

“I’m going to work hard so I can be in a ministry leadership position with my excellent reputation, my own mailbox and desk.”

Screw the desk! Souls are going to hell! While there are those that are hot for Jesus, the majority is lukewarm.

What are we doing to love Jesus. I mean, we don’t get Close enough to love the homeless. (I believe we need the homeless more then they need us because they teach us compassion.) They teach us to be like Christ!

4th Thought;
My stomping ground is the theater, the movie screen.

I envision an entire movie theater of people falling on their knees! Weeping, crying, and declaring Jesus as Lord! That is why I do what I do because on that day I will tell myself, all the hard work, the small projects, everything that has lead me here, It was worth it…

these are just my thoughts…(to be continued)

Spending time with My Hero and Savior at K-Park in SP


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