thought catch (another one of another one of another one.)

i never heard anyone ever say that the aftermath of a relational breakup was easy. probably because if anyone ever did say such a thing no one would ever deem him wise. (if that makes any sense.) I accedently called jenna last night. She texted me tonight. I wish I hadn’t responded. I’ve been worried about her lately. I miss her so much and I have to play a song to zone out. or read. I kinda had my time in the begining with all the movies and all 6 season of lost, etc. I’m about to watch another one. ARGO. Doug mentioned it on his facebook post. Guess I would see what he ment. Its dangeouse to think to much. Jenna is out of my life yet I still worry if guys are hitting on her and stuff. I pray that she falls so in love with God that nothing could get her attention. not even me. Anyway. thats all the thoughts for now. Lets see what tomorrow has! Goodnight.


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