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We will pray together. We will lift each other’s needs up. I will learn to hear the voice of the Lord more clearly that I may lead you accurately. We will attend a church that edifies us and where we can become a part of a family. We will be part of a church that exalts Jesus and reaches the world. We will pray and ask God to give us wisdom and revelation about our futures.


We will grow in friendship by preferring each other.

We will not sleep under the same roof.

If I ever touch you in an inappropriate way, we must separate until I regain my honor.

To protect our honor, we will not sleep in the same bed. We will live above reproach by avoiding the appearance of evil. As a man of God I want to present you blameless before God and Man.

We will talk about our expectations and why we do what we do.

We will love by God’s love and not by lust. My goal is to make you feel as special as God has.

I will give you the honor, respect and love that God would approve of.

We will pray for each other and daily grow more intimate in prayer as well.

We will talk about our success and our failures.

We will talk about our past and our future.

I will listen and help you anyway I can to push you toward your destiny.

We will not mix our finances because we are not married.

We will have a date budget.

We will not let money ruin our relationship.

We will not worry because of God’s provision.

We will ask that God will supply our needs.

Work is something we will excel in.

I will work because I will someday support my family.

I will use my gifting to reach the nations.

I will not work overtime for the purpose of gaining more money.

I will practice NOW that “My family will be first before work” so I can have the habit down THEN.

I will keep my body in shape. I will drink water.

If I marry you, I want to live as many years as possible so I will not leave you as a widow for too long.

I will exercise consistently as well as lift weights.

I do not want my body to be an example of what not to do.


We will not just watch movies, bowling and go out to eat.

We will glorify God and honor Him in our activities.

I will be creative in the things that we do together.

We will act just as honorable together as we would in a group setting.

Making Decisions

We will talk about things before we make a major decision.

We will seek God together and talk about what we feel we should do.

We will seek Godly Counsel.

We make a list of the pros and cons that would be following the decision.

Our Families
We will spend time with our own families as well as each others.

Honor starts at home, therefore we will honor our parents so that our children will see that and Honor us.

I will get to know your parents.

I will grow in my relationship with my father.


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