ND; Notes From “Soul Cravings” Destiny-article#1

  • Everyone has a bible, it’s just not always the same book.
  • If you’re presently a coward desperately trying to avoid any stress, unnecessary pressure, or unforeseen danger, you might call it a design flaw, but we humans are most  alive when we passionately pursue our dreams, live with purpose, and have a sense of destiny.
  • We thrive when we are optimistic about the future.
  • When we see failure as personal, pervasive, or permanent, we become paralyzed.
  • We cannot live the life of our dreams without an irrational sense of destiny.
  • All of us have dreams.
  • More then that, all of us need dreams.
  • Some of us sadly are just sleeping through them.
  • All of us long to become something more than we are.
  • We are driven to achieve, moved accomplish, fueled by ambition.
  • When we are optimistic about the future, we find energy to create it.

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