Sleepy thoughts in a bunch

So, I’ve been working on a script, never thought I would get as far as I have with it to be honest. Most of my scripts just collect dust with the thought someone will find them. But I had to remind myself yesterday, and the day before that…pretty much every day that to give anything less then my best is to sacrifice the gift. I’m a storyteller and I must continue to not just tell them but live my own. This is not making any sense because I am writing on 0 hours of sleep. But hopefully someone can laugh… Happy Birthday Johnny Brooks! I did call you yesterday so you can’t call me the worst friend in the world. If you get this let me know. I’m going to bed now because I having coffee tonight with a girl name Jenna, She is a new sister in the faith that I just met to go all epistlely. Anyway Good Morning!


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