TC; GenMEN; A Man of God with Women

A man of God appreciates women for their differences.

He understands that their feelings are different then his.

He knows women love romance, so doesn’t use it to control her, but he gives it when he means it and when they’re both mature and committed enough to handle it.

He knows how women think, and he does what he can to avoid leading them on or breaking their hearts.

He respects them and his role as their protector.

He knows that when he’s with a woman, he’s not just with her but he is with God too, so he gives her the honor that God would approve of.

A man of God appreciates women for who they are but also knows that he doesn’t need a women in order to be a man.

He doesn’t define himself based on the number of women he can get. And he doesn’t let women get In the way of the more important things.

He is honest without bring cruel. He acts honorably In and out of their presences, and all the women who know him know that God is his most important relationship.

A man of God has his own life and never lets the life of a women become his main focus. He knows that if he did, he would be removing God from that rightful and lofty position and also making himself weak in the eyes of the woman. He knows that making a women his main focus actually chases her off and doesn’t give her what she craves.

A man of God is honest with women about guys. He wants to protect them from the bad guys, so he never argues the fact that average guys are sexual beings. He might have total control himself, but he knows that many other guys don’t, so he wants to protect women and not give them a false sense of security. He has no problem saying to a woman, “Most guys are dogs” and “Make any guy you think is worthy consistently prove that he is not.” That’s because HE KNOWS HOW VALUABLE A WOMANS HEART IS and he wants to guard it for her, keeping her from falling for weak and manipulating guys (boys).

When a Man of God loves a woman, he protects her and cares for her. He loves her the way God does-not with a possessive love but with a love that gives freedom and trust that God wants them together, it will all work out, but their personal relationships with God are more important to their happiness then their relationship with each other.


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