TC; Praise

You o’lord are the father of the fatherless, the healer of the broken, the adoptor of orphans, and the grace giver to a generation. Teach me your ways, that I may lead your people effectively, I am fond of a woman, but I pray that you would keep my eyes on you. May she search the deepest part of you to get to me for I wish to buried In your love! I pray that you would limit her distractions and give her a hunger to eat every word from the scroll! Become her love! I thank you lord for your grace, even though it comes on the tip of an arrow that perces my heart! It is painful! It is beautiful! Guide my hands in putting your glory on tour as I create videos for your kingdom. Keep my hand steady with the camera today that I may be the lavidical scribe that you have called me to be. To record what you are doing and proclaim it. I am a history maker but I am only a letter In your great history book. Have your way! In Jesus name amen! Hardcore for Christ.


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