HGWR; Behind the Scenes

So Wednesday i had a modeling shoot. The girl that i was shooting went to school with me. We ended up only shooting 7 minutes of footage and talked and caught up on time. She is a dancer and thats what she loves. She is compeating if I recall correctly in a salsa dance compatision! We talked about modesty and how I respected her for it. She said, “it has brought me so much respect.” She told me a story about she never left the dance floor because of the way she was dressed, and that all the Guys kept asking her to dance.

The split second that was she done telling me about the dance floor story, the Lord spoke to me and said, ” I can wait on the dance floor forever for you, how long will it take you do come and dance with me?” I havent spend time with him uptil that night. I dance like David I’m my room that night!


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