What can I do, or what can I say to someone mourning the loss or a friend, a brother, a son, a student, or an athlete? There isn’t really anyting I or anyone can do or say. But we can pray diligently and wait patiently. Tears still flow uncontrollably just like the questions “Is this real?…“Why did this happening?” When will this be over.” To loose a loved one is surreal and the pain is unquenchable, but friend I tell you this; there has never been greater healers of the broken hearted then God, a Clock and a Calendar.

Time is a gift of love and grace and without time there’d be no time to change! For the families and friends who suffer the loss, you don’t need to be a mathematical genius to know that life itself is a priceless cost. Those who loved and knew Casey Edgar Dean and Nick the most, It’s a time crying, weeping and mourning.

But for those who knew and love them the least. It’s time to be human and pray. I challenge everyone to take 5 minutes out of the 24 hours you been given and PRAY for the next 3 weeks. Prayer is so powerful and you don’t need to be a priest a pastor or a religious individual for God to hear you. You just need to be a human and I don’t think anyone will have a probablem with that.


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