The Double G’s

     So yesterday I went to my brother’s (in the Lord) going away party. He is going to the Honor Academy. Its funny because how he found out about it is an interesting story. Back in like November 2009 I let his sister Lauren borrow my massive binder with all my honor academy notes, but I didn’t ever get it back before I left for the Center for Creative Media in January 2010, and honestly I still haven’t gotten it back yet! Its funny because Paul ended up getting a hold of it and sucking all my notes and wisdom from my book. He also began to have an interest in learning more about the Honor Academy. He came to me and asked me about it. Over time He started praying about it. He’s told me that that book has had a significant impact on his family. His mom goes to when she needs to look something up, and stuff…I’m so amazed by that I am not sure I want it back now 🙂

      Anyway, when I was at the Party I met Paul’s friend of 15 years, Rachel. She’s a Double G i.e. a God Girl!  We started talking and getting to know one another. I enjoyed getting to know her very much and I believe it was mutually as well, I hope it was anyway. We’re gonna grab a cup of coffee together sometime this week. A Romans 1:12 Fellowship, God Guy fellowships with God Girl. I’m excited.


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