TC; Excellence – Colossians 3:1,2

Translated from Latin, excellence is literally “to rise above.” It is the standard set in heaven for us. In this sweeping current of change , we are all deeply affected by our carnal selves, circumstances, the crowd, and criticism. The effective leader must be steadfast in the goal of excellence in all things and no longer be bound by old habits, family traits or personality. We cannot use our mistakes or the actions of others as an excuse for our inability to live strong and true. Christ most certainly can make us into godly, peaceful leaders. When we receive Christ as personal Savior, we no longer live according to the carnal self. Instead, we value others and ourselves in a new way. We are commanded to love ourselves as He loves us-unconditionally, without regard to past mistakes. We are commanded to live by His power. When we get this, a fresh wind fills our sales and a new start energizes in our hearts. Life is no longer about excuses and blame: “It is not my fault. My_________(friend, parent, teacher, boss – you fill in the blank) made me.” Instead, you are committed to rise above life with an attitude of excellence.


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