Worshipers and warriors

The worshipers lead the army into battle

1 Sam 16:15

It could be that Saul slipped into a server depression

Saul’s self worth was not founded in God

They’re can be demonic possession upon a believer.

The holy spirit was Removed from Saul’s life because of his disobedience towards God.

Have you willingly walked out of God’s obedience.

The harp soothes the heart and soul. They were not as ornate.

The majority of the Psalms are on brownness.

David was a man of war and a man of worship.

The only thing that matters is that the Lord is with me.

How often do we stay in trespass and try look for relief.

In the eyes of God – Goliath is not different than anyone else

How do you react when someone “defies God”?


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