The Only people who can hurt you deeply are the ones you allow to get deep inside your soul. This is what makes love so dangerous. The more you love someone, the more that person can hurt you. When you give your heart way someone, you entrust it into that persons care. Your beloved can pretty much do whatever he or she wants with it. My teacher Ron Luce taught us that our heart is remote control to our lives. Don’t give it away! Guard it! 

To give up on love is to Choose a life that is less then human. To give up on love is to give up on life. 

When you give up on love, everything else seems to go with it- joy, hope, forgiveness, compassion-they’re all interconnected. Without love there is no life. To love is to be fully human. 

Contact with the real world-it’s not optional; it’s essential. We are created for relationship. I tell you this friend, the farther we move away from love the closer we move toward hate, and the human heart was not created to be a container for hate!!! When we allow bitterness, jealousy, envy, racism, lust, greed, and arrogance to fuel our soul, we create an environment within us to be agents of violence. 

To Be Continued…


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