So I had a meeting yesterday at 1 at the diner, I was dead tired….I don’t remember half of the meeting but my highlight point was running into an old friend that works there in which I used to ride the bus with in high school. We talked for about a minute and then she had to get back to work. I gave her my number after the two hour meeting. I was wanting to catch up with her snd build the friendship bridge. Let the construction begin! We’re going to hang out soon to catch up.

The funny thing though about all this is I missed my first production meeting at 11am at Micchelli’s Pizza on new road and If I didn’t miss that meeting and if It didn’t get scheduled to the point dinner, then I wouldn’t have ran into her. LORD HAVE YORU WAY!!!!!! ITS NOT MY LIFE BUT YOURS!!!!!

    God is orchestrating a great symphony, and that symphony is the music of my life in which I know He loves to listen to just like I love listing and singing the music of His eternal word.


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