You Teach me to prepare my lens to record your glory,  you prepare my hands to archive it and you teach me to praise you in my weakest moments. My heart is ugly yet yon make it beautiful because with out you o’Lord I am the dust beneath my own two feet that I never think about! You my God are worthy to be praised, worth my time, worth my efforts, worth my money, you are my everything, because you gave me everything, so why shouldn’t I consider you my everything? Why shouldn’t I Scream of your love until my voice-box stops? Why shouldn’t I give you my home, For the poor and move to Africa? For who is like you o’Lord who shows unfailing love to the undeserving? Who washes the feet of the dirty servant? Who is lime you??? There is none like you and there never will be!!!! Buddha, Allah would sweep themselves from the hearts of man at your command and if they were still alive today. You Shook the nations of Haiti and Japan and you woke up a some of your sleeping beauty; Your bride, the church! You o’Lord are EVERYTHING!!!!!!!


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