Thought with no filter

So, I’m currently working on two feature films….Well cutting them in post, besides that there are 5 features and a music video, in pre-pro- give or take a few more. Right now, I’m compressing three videos uplaoding two on vimeo and cutting another, thats just this second. Tonight I have to buy a video converting program to convert MTS files to MOV files, for a Statue Documentory, that will be released in the fall. I have to convert maybe 100 clips give or take a few beacause I didn’t count them all.

Also Tonight I have to Complete a script for a music Video, and I have to cotact model mayham for the lead actress for that video. Oh, and I have to draw the storyboards for that music video… 🙂 I have to shoot a modeling reel for a website wednesday, and tomorrow I have a fation shoot. Friday I cut a vid for my church… 

There is more to come but this is just want I need to get out of my mind…This is my blog and my life is written in letters. later


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