Church notes

Pastor Matt

Acts 15

V2-a question they have to ask- do gentles go under Jewish laws

There is always going to be someone that is going to add to the cross

Tatilasti-Greek battle tern

sometimes “simple faith” isn’t so simple.

No one has ever loved the way Jesus has.

Am I really trusting in the fact that God. 

One thing God cannot do is love us…more then He already does.

The big but in v5 – they believed, but followed their own ways.

before we judge the pharise, their is the Christ In us and then their is the pharisaical part in us. 

How long have you been saved, before the foundation of the works

Legalism is when you look to or rely on some type of system, instead of relying on the love of the savior

V8-sermon in itself

V11 – shows the humility of Peter

Barnabas=son of encouragement 

James Is Jesus’ half brother

Simion= Peter in Hebrew

V22 they send men
V23 they send letters
V24 tells about the letter
V25 the church clarifies
V26 it seems good to the holy spirit…Good verse

The letter was well written

“Be carful not just how you say it, but how you say it.”- timeless kingdom principle 

No circumcision for me

The gospel ought to bring freedom and life to the listener. 

The gospel and the letters to the letters are filled with conviction, but without the message of the Gospel it is dead orthodoxy. 

If you can’t understand that what I do is for the glory of God, then you have to go.

There is a difference between teaching and preaching

1. How many disagreements do we have as Christians? 

2. What new additions do new believers sense in addition to the gospel?

What are you wowed by when you walk into a church?


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