WORD2NEWCOV-Feb 7, 2010

Feb 7, 2010

Matthew 21:12-16

The Lord would say to you this day, “I have drove out the dead from among you, turned the table’s of  Idols,, I have swept this place of worship. Indeed it is clean says the Lord. I have turned many away, for my sake, that many more will come to me, for those I have turned from this place they themselves have turned many away from ME!  

Now I will sweep the Idols, and purity the hearts of My sons and My daughters, I will purify My temple, have you not heard that those who except My Son loose there life and gain a new one? And by My Son your mortal bodies become my dwelling place? Now is the time,  I will do a great thing says the Lord, I will purify the hearts and minds of My people, That by mortal man, my presence will be established, There will be many miracles, signs and wonders, and many of lost children I will be found, those who have gone astray, will return. But like children will you come? Will you depend on my works and not your own? By My hand, says the Lord, this will come to past. and Your praise will be perfect.  


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