GOSPEL: Into-[Matthew, Mark, Luke, John]

The Gospel covers a period of approximately thirty-five years. As the Old Testament began with man made in the image of God (Gen. 1:26), The Gospel begins with God in the image of man (Jn 1:14). The man made in the image of God would be defeated by Satan in a beautiful garden (Gen. 2:8), but the God made in the image of man would soundly defeat Satan in the barren desert (Mat. 4:1).

Prior to the Gospel, sheep had died for shepherds (Ex. 12L1-13), but now the Shepherd will die for the sheep (Jn. 10:11).  At his birth he was offered gold, frankincense, and myrrh by the wise men who worshiped him (Mt. 2:11), while at his death he was offered thorns, vinegar, and spittle by the wicked men who ridiculed him (Mat. 27:29, 34; 26:67). The record describes him saving sinners under a tree (Jn. 1:48), up a tree (Lk. 19:4-5), and on a tree (Lk. 23:43). In the pages of the Gospel, a foaming sea is calmed (Lk. 8:24), and a fruitless tree is cursed (Mat. 21:19).

Three of the eight biblical resurrections occur during the Gospel. These are: Jairus’ daughter (Mk. 5:41), the widow’s son (Lk. 7:14), and lazarus (Jn. 11:43-44). As the story unfolds, a dreaming carpenter is reassured (Mat. 1:20-21), and a denying disciple is restored (Jn 21:15-17). We overhear conversations coming from the heavens above (Mat. 17:1-5) and from the grave beneath (Lk. 16;19-31). Harlots are forgiven (Jn. 4:39; 8:11), and hypocrites are condemned (Mat. 23). In the Gospel, the concepts of the church (Mat. 16:18), communion (Mat. 26:26-30), and the Great Commission (Mat. 28:19-20), are first presented. In Short, the blind see, the deaf hear, the mute speak, the lame walk, the dead rise, the possessed are freed, and the lost are saved!!!

Dr. Harold L. Willmington


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