The basis for lessons: The BIG Picture

  • The Church needs leaders. Leaders like those outlined in Heb. 13:7-8
  • Leadership is a lifetime of lessons.

Life time of lessons?

  • In our attempt to think back on how these leaders lived and died we learn to analyze these lessons.

Leaders Like

  • Aiden Wilson Tozer
  • Dawson Trotman – The Navigators can be traced directly back to his prayer life.
  • Watchman Nee

Bird’s Eye View

  • Patterns, Processes, and principles are foundational to understanding the analysis of a person’s life.

Patterns – Time lines are useful for studying patterns, and making long term observations.

Processes – When studying processes we analyze process items… inner life lessons that can be God’s way of indicating leadership potential.

Principles – Principles are different from both patterns and processes in that they identify foundational truths.

The generalized time line

  • A time-line is an important tool of analyzing the life of a leader, for it reveals the overall pattern of God’s work in a life.

Time-lines are broken into phases

  • Developmental phases are units of time in a person’s life.

Development Phases

  • Development phases are consistently characterized in at least three different ways.

1) Different kinds of process items occur in different phases

2) Each phase is terminated by a specific boundary event.

3)There is a different sphere of influence.

Sub Phases

  • Because a development phase can cover an extensive time period, it is helpful to use sub-phases.
  • Sub-phases are characterized by boundary events and by small changes in sphere of influence.

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