The Making of a Leader 
Part II of chapter 2

Heb. 13:7-8

  • The same Jesus that enabled those leaders to live lives of faith will enable you to live a life of faith!
  • Our greatest challenge as a leader is to develop a godly character. (Prov. 4:23)

The Integrity Check in depth

  • Dan. 1:8-21
  • Inner conviction – religious
  • Response – stuck to his conviction
  • Expansion – greater influence
  • Different kinds of checks…

Various Integrity Checks

  • Values – determines convictions

Conflict against ministry vision – tests faith

  • Temptation – tests conviction

Alternative in guidance – tests calling

  • Persecution –which tests steadfastness
  • Loyalty – which tests allegiance
  • Restitution – which tests honesty

Some Fail this test

  • Saul – I Sam. 15 13-14.
  • Integrity is foundational to effective leadership; it must be instilled early in a leader’s character..


  • This check is valuable for helping a leader learn to recognize, understand and obey God’s voice.
  • Gen 22: 1-2
  • Obey when it seems illogical

Examples of Obedience

  • Abraham
  • Acts 5:1-11

The Word Check

  • This tests the leaders ability to understand or receive a word from God personally and then allow God to work it out in his/her life.

The right to influence

  • The right to influence comes from the ability to clarify God’s truth to others.

One word gift

  • Leaders always have at least one word gift along with others that make up their gift mix.

Primary word gifts

  • Teaching, prophecy, and exhortation.

Secondary word gifts

  • Apostleship, evangelism, and pastoring.

Word checks combined

  • Word checks are frequently combined with integrity checks and obedience checks, because the revealed truth will test integrity and obedience.

Why Pass  the word check?

  • Passing the word check leads to more truth.

I Sam. 3:1-10

  • Samuel obeyed God and delivered the word even though it was a hard word.

Failure of a word check?

  • Failure to pass a word check often results in repeated lessons and lengthened development time.

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