REBELLION 101 – PURITY – 02:07:2011

“The mouth speaks out of that which fills the heart”. -Matthew 12:34


Nobody likes bad breath, but a negative conversation lingers even longer in the heart than the odors in the air. We wouldn’t willing offend people’s noses, so why would we offend their ears with oppressive words and attitudes contrary to the Kingdom? Sometimes it’s easier to freshen our breath than to purify our heart, but it’s the heart that’s the issue.

We don’t always know what is in our hearts until the words pop out of our mouths. So our words need to be taken seriously; they don’t come from nowhere. Jesus is is saying in this passage that our words are an expression of the condition of our hearts. The goal here is not primarily to change the words, but to change our heart. Let’s try not to get sidetracked by trying to cure the symptom when we can redeem the source.


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