I will live fast, die daily and scream Holy! Holy! Holy! Forever. – Matthew Verderose


I will live fast, die daily and scream Holy! Holy! Holy! Forever. – Matthew Verderose


Beware of getting ahead of God by your very desire to do His will. We run ahead of Him in a thousand and one activities, becoming so burdened with people and problems that we don’t worship God, and we fail to intercede. If a burden and its resulting pressure come upon us while we are not in an attitude of worship, it will only produce a hardness toward God and despair in our own souls. God continually introduces us to people in whom we have no interest, and unless we are worshiping God the natural tendency is to be heartless toward them. We give them a quick verse of Scripture, like jabbing them with a spear, or leave them with a hurried, uncaring word of counsel before we go. A heartless Christian must be a terrible grief to our Lord. – OSWALD CHAMBERS

Random Vid

Just a random video with the footage I shot today

Thought Catcher -Gospel

The Gospel is Devicsive

Jesus was notorious for separating Himself from people that followed him

If Jesus wanted to grow his ministry he wouldn’t have taught alot of the things he taught.

It would be better for you to stop following Christ all together then it would for you to think that you can follow him on your own terms.

A few thoughts on Psalm 24:3-4 and Purity

Psalm 24:3-4

As believers we are called to be pure however there is no action good enough to make us pure.

Morality is a byproduct of your hearts purity. But it is not the primary objective.

The primary objective of purity is your hearts posture before The Lord and his precepts.

Some Random Thoughts I had while reading scripture

As Christ was pouring out His Life, people passed by.

People shouldn’t have to wait until judgement day to See Jesus.

There is a big difference between stories about God and the presence of God.

We don’t need to preach the Gospel is our church buildings, (thats where discipleship happens) we need to preach the Gospel in our streets.

Jesus called his Disciples

When Jesus called his disciples, they dropped all of their dreams, all of there aspirations.

Your belief in action is called faith.

I will live fast, die daily and scream Holy! Holy! Holy! Forever. – Matthew Verderose

THought Catcher- God can use a crackhead over a pastor any day.

One of the most dangerous situations you’ll ever find yourself in is one in which God is ready to move and you are not. It is in this place that destinies are lost. God wants you to share in His glory but if you are not willing to move With God then he will find someone who will. And there are a lot of crack-heads wanting to get out.


Obey The Lord, know matter how awkward it can get. Step out because at the end of the day, it’s not about you.